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I won't hold it against my aunt, it was the only option she could offer. Leo still felt like a woman. Her aunt then decided to sign her up to attend a professional Catholic school. Wendy ran away to avoid another humiliating punishment. Escape seemed like the only feasible option. Every day, I participated in household chores. I was brooming the salon, I would do the groceries, and she taught me how to cook and cut hair, so that became my profession.

It was easy for them, I was not so far away. But maybe they knew that they couldn't do anything for me, that I had to find myself on my own. She watched passersby walking along the street. Suddenly, all heads turned and stared at a beautiful creature.

It was the era of break-dancing. She wore a sublime tracksuit and a lot of jewellery. Her long hair made her look like she could be one of Charlie's Angels. An androgynous style, very chic and glamorous. That's when it hit me: I won't go back home until I become like her: In the late s, the Ecuadorian transgender community was hit by a wave of departures. Many representatives of the community abandoned their careers and their homes to take a chance on the European adventure.

I had never been a prostitue in the past, but I followed the trend out of curiosity. You see these cute men that are going to pay you; it's comforting in a way, but when the act begins, it's a shock. Because you're going to do things you're not used to. A man will touch your genitals It was not the first time I had slept with men, but it was very different—even scary. A romantic relationship was beyond comparison. We all came from a conservative country; in Holland it was more open, and more perverse.

You find a sort of sexual freedom, and you discover a new body. Wendy stayed in Amsterdam for two weeks before leaving for the French adventure with a friend. We had to work outside in the blistering cold, against the trees. Sometimes, during the act, you realise that 15 men are looking at you and masturbating. You let it happen, because that's what you've seen in porn.

Policemen were chasing down prostitues in the forest. She spent 15 days there in isolation because of her being trans, and was sent back to Ecuador. She returns to her work at the hairdresser salon. It was also an opportunity to get back in touch with her family. She finds her mother who she hasn't seen since her escape at 11 years old. The exchange is cordial, almost welcoming: She invites him to the salon, hoping to take revenge after 15 years of absence.

She puts on a mini-skirt and a revealing top, caking on layers of make-up. He sat down, and after a few minutes came up to me and said: The only option he had was accepting me as I was, and he knew that. That's a lesson I've learned since then: Two months later, Wendy decided to try the European adventure again and arrived in Brussels. It's and the Belgian law is more tolerant towards prostitution, allowing Wendy to earn 33 Belgian Francs a day about Dollars at the time.

These were good times. In order to get the right papers, she declared herself a housekeeper but discreetly continued to work as a prostitue on the side. The bosses look at you as if you were a monkey. Her situation is finally stable, and she decides to bring her family over. Now, in Guayaquil, having a trans child is seen as a good thing—they bring money and beautiful things from Europe.

Sometimes Wendy comes back to France, because "this is where I have the most customers," she says. They have a lot of fantasies with us, they are less sociable than the Spaniards but much warmer in their private lives. The French always say: To avoid them, Wendy stays cautious—refusing indecent or dangerous proposals.

I have seen friends succumb to drugs and alcohol. If you are not careful, prostitution can lead to self-destruction. Others will enjoy your beauty and your vulnerability. So you end up being just a ghost. She deals with the harshness of the profession like a business. You have to pay attention to the product you're selling What line of work are you in? Do you like it here? How much notice do you have to give? Could I have , please?

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